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Public Holidays for the year 2009

Backพฤศจิกายน 27, 2551

26 November 2008

The President The Stock Exchange of Thailand Bangkok

Dear Sir,

Re: Public Holidays for the year 2009

1 Thursday 1 January New Year's Day
2. Monday 26 January Chinese New Year's Day
3. Monday 9 February Makhabucha Day
4. Monday 6 April Chakri Day
5. Monday 13 April Songkran Day
6. Tuesday 14 April Songkran Day
7. Wednesday 15 April Songkran Day
8. Friday 1 May National Labour Day
9. Tuesday 5 May Coronation Day
10.Friday 8 May Visakhabucha Day
11.Tuesday 7 July Asarnhabucha Day
12.Wednesday 12 August Her Majesty the Queen's Birthday
13.Friday 23 October Chulalongkom Memorial Day
14.Monday 7 December In lieu of Saturday 5, His Majesty the King 's Birthday
15.Thursday 10 December Constitution Day
16.Thursday 31 December New Year's Eve


Please be informed accordingly.


Yours faithfully,
Berli Jucker Public Company Limited


Aswin Techajareonvikul


Thirasakdi Nathikanchanalab



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