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Report on Name of Members of Audit Committee

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Form for Report on Names of Members and Scope of Performance of the Audit Committee

The Board of Directors Meeting of Berli Jucker Public Company Limited No. 1/2008 held on 13 February 2008 passed a resolution appointing Member of the Audit Committee with the following details:

1. Mr. Suvit Maesincee therefore, at 13 February 2008

1. Names of members of the Audit Committee are as follows:

Remaining terms of holding office
Chairman of the Audit Committee
Mr. Staporn Kavitanon
1 year 9 months
Member of the Audit Committee
Mr.Weerawong Chittmittrapap
1 year 9 months
Member of the Audit Committee
Mr. Suvit Maesincee
1 year 9 months
Secretary to the Audit Committee Mr. Prasit Wacharachaisophonsiri

Certificate and Resume of 1 member of the Audit Committee is attached hereto.

2. The Audit Committee of the Company has scope of duties and responsibilities, and shall report to the Company's board of directors as follows:

1) Ensure the company's financial statements are correct, sufficient and credible.

2) Ensure the company has adequate and effective internal control systems.

3) Review, select and propose the appointment of the company's auditor.

4) Ensure the company complies all the relevant regulations and laws.

5) Ensure the company does not engage in any activities that may lead to a conflict of interest.

6) Consider other matters as defined by the board of directors.

7) Report on its activities in the company's annual report. The report will be signed by the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

The Company hereby certifies that the aforementioned members meet all the qualifications prescribed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand.


Signature __________________________
( Mr. Aswin Techajareonvikul)

Signature __________________________
( Mr. Thirasakdi Nathikanchanalab)


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