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Report on Business Operating Results

Backกุมภาพันธ์ 25, 2551

22 February 2008

The President The Stock Exchange of Thailand Bangkok

Dear Sir,

Re: Report on Business Operating Results

BJC would like to notify that in 2007 the Group's net income was Baht 1,254.7 million, 27 percent increased from the year in 2006. The increase was primarily due to 9 percent increasing of sales from 2006 to Baht 19,162.2 million in 2007. Increased sales mainly came from Technical & Industrial products,Packaging business and Consumer products. And in 2007, the increasing of net profit, partly, came from decreasing cost of production, due to decreasing energy cost for production by switching to natural gas instead of fuel oil and more efficiency in production process, continually, in Thai Glass Industries Public Company Limited. In 2007, group performance was included sales of Thai Beverage Can Co., Ltd. as Baht 2,790.5 million and net profit in

Please be informed accordingly.


Yours faithfully,
Berli Jucker Public Company Limited


(Aswin Tachajareonvikul)             (Thirasakdi Nathikanchanalab)
Director                                    Director

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