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Clarification of News regarding Submission Bidding in Buying Carrefour s Business

Backกันยายน 15, 2553

15 September 2010

Subject: Clarification on news regarding Submission Bidding in Buying Carrefour's Business

Dear: Director and Manager The Stock Exchange of Thailand

With reference to the news that appeared in some newspapers relating to Berli Jucker Public Company Limited (The Company), as invited, has submitted a letter to participate in bidding process to acquire the Carrefour's business.

The Company would like to clarify that the Company has submitted a letter as per seller's invitation to bid in acquiring the Carrefour's business. The Company, however, shall perform further processes as specified by the seller.


Please be informed accordingly,


Yours Faithfully,
The Berli Jucker Public Company Limited


Thirasakdi Nathikanchanala


Aswin Techajareonvikul



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